Next Tournament

Chess anyone ?

Who's playing chess nowadays and where and when?


  1. Hey Bulldog! (No not just a reference to one of my favorite Beatles songs, but rather the reemergence of Roy Hamman.)

    Just like Boobby Fischer he must have been hiding out, getting ready to pounce on us in the black and white jungle again.

    Seriously Roy thereis still alot of play in WNY. If I miss out on anybody below, I am sorry and shame on me. But here goes:

    On every Wednesday at Wegmans we can count on Marijan, Harish, Dave Biddle, John Dolan, Scott, and the unbelievable 6 year old phenom Felix. Typically there are others too such as P. Doug Troy, Victor,John Herowski, Michael Vicante and occassionally Greg Matuch.

    Saturdays often the same crowd will reconvene at Wegmans and may include Louis, and a few of the Niagara Falls High School players as well.

    It is not unusal for some others to occasionally show up as well or for somebody to happen upon us and ask for a game or two too.

    Roy come on back to the fold! You have beeen missed.

  2. yes Roy, the Scandanavian has been in mothballs...

  3. Ready for game, or two, or five... Caro-Kann is waiting. Not scandinavian on my account... It will be good to play again. I know it is a litle far for you, same as for me, but that is "sacrifice" we have to make. There is a tournament this Saturday in Main Place Mall, and not many people will show up at Wegmans. I could not play in tournament, but I might check Wegmans later. Around 7 or something...

  4. Alas, Roy still has not returned to over the board chess in Niagara County.