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Results of the Second Annual Jeff White Memorial

The Second Annual Jeff White Memorial-Excelsior 30 Point (enhanced) Grand Prix Tournament "Wall Chart" Results
Open # Name Rating Result 1 IM Ken Regan 2436 4/5 2 NM Gary Ng 2209Canada 3/5 3 NM Eddie Mark 2098 3/4 4 Luka Glinsky 2086 3.5/5 5 Marijan Procyk 2072 2.5/4 5 Sam Copeland 2072 3/5 7 Alex Livingston 1858Canada 2.5/4 8 Bob Shao 1850 2.5/5 9 Harish Srinivasan 1729 2/5
10David Miller 1599 2/5
11Dr James Paul 1369 1/3
12 Evan Ashton 1510 1/4
13 John Dolan 1326 0/4 14 Michael Mc Duffie 780 1/4 Under 1450 # Name Rating Result 1 David Biddle 1430 5/5 2 J Hassler Thurston 1341 4/5 3 Daniel Johnston 1307 3/5
4 John Herowski 1242 2/5
5 Thomas Hahn 1097 1/3 6 George Thurston 1057 2/5 7 Margaret Thurston 716 0/3 8 P. “Doug” Troy 705 2.5/5 9 Adam Shunk 664 1/5 10 Sebastian Liew unr.Malaysia 2.5/5 Saturday Scholastic # Name ID Rating Result 1 Ben Havey 933 5/5 2 Partho Bhattacharya 932 3/5 3 Rael Dolan 710 2.5/5
4 Molly Dolan 354 1/4
5 Ayush Jajoo 319 1/3
6Victoria Stauffiger 316 2/4
7 Ashwin Jajoo 315 0.5/3
8 Frankie Rodriguez 177 3.5/5
9 Samantha Rodriguez 100 0.5/4
The full crosstable with up to date post ratings is available at :


  1. Thanks for a great tournament and also for the same night uploading of results on uscf. :).

    I had some great games. Two very interesting rook endings that I lost. I will try and post them soon. Hopefully others can do the same. This tourney was a great learning experience for me.

  2. Thank you, Mark. It was good tournament. Lost game that I should not, based on the positin earlier, but I also won a game I should not, again based on the position earlier. It was good to play our dear IM, and I was glad I could be Friday to listen to his comments during his game with dr. Kopec.
    I will post my games later, and it would be good if there are more games here, so we can discuss certain positions.


  3. It was a real pleasure to witness (if not yet play in this tournament).
    Congratulations to Mark on a wonderful job. Congratulations to all who particpatedand to Dave Biddle for going undefeated.


  4. It was fun to play in a real event again, my second in two years thanks to Mark and the White family. Perhaps my being involved in other chess pursuits over the past full year helped shake off my rust!

    It turns out that my position against Luka Glinsky in the last round, though objectively losing, was not as desperate as it looked. His Knight advance into d6 was actually risky rather than crushing, and my taking advantage of it to draw could fairly be regarded as much as outplaying as a swindle. So Fritz 10 seems to say---as well as finding that I did indeed have a quick(er) win before time control against Gary Ng. If I have more time by the middle of next week, I can annotate one or both games.

    Against Danny, indeed as he said 9.Nh4! (after 1 e4 c5 2 c3 Nf6 3 e5 Nd5 4 d4 cxd4 5 Nf3 Nc6 6 cxd4 d6 7 Bc4 Nb6 8 Bb3!? d5?!) would have given me an advantage out of the opening. After 9.Nc3 Black was OK in an unclear position, and whether he could have won a pawn a different way without giving me too much attacking compensation is also unclear.

    I am still enmeshed in the Kramnik-Grischuk B vs N endgame analysis---so incredibly deep!---but my verdict that Kramnik could have won at Move 50 is still in force.