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Who's Name Will Be Engraved Next ?!

Felix, The Jeff White Memorial Cup, and Partho The Dolan Girls: Molly, Callie, and Rael taking their turn posing with the trophy
In 2006 GM Jaan Ehlvest was the innaguaral Jeff White Memorial Chess Champion. Who will be it the winner this upcoming weekend? Another titled player such as IM Ken Regan (or IM Kopec if we can convince him to play in the tournament), a local expert such as Procyk, or Glinsky?
Perhaps it will be someone who has yet to preregister. There is still time to do so. Just publish your name in the comment section with your USCF # and regular rating and you can take advantage of the preregistraion $10 discount and the Friday night chess exhibition/symposium "How to Think Like a Chess Master" being given by IMs Kopec and Regan.
Although, these aspiring young people pictured above may not get his or her name on the trophy this year. In coming year's who knows? Personally I would not be at all surprised to see anyone of them succeed in chess.


  1. My money is on:

    Felix: 2013 Jeff White Memorial Chess Champion

    2015 US (or China) Chess Champion


    2020 World Chess Champion!

  2. I will be in town and playing.

    Eddie Mark

  3. JD 12998282
    RD 13178931
    MD 13178946

  4. I will play in the OPEN section. My ID number is 12908987, 780 rating.

    Michael Mc Duffie

  5. Sebastien Liew
    U1450 Section