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Results of the Sardinia Saturday Events

Congratulations to Partho Bhattacharya who won the scholastic with a perfect 10/10! And to Harish Srinivasan the winner of the Quick Open with a perfect 3/3. The results of the Sardinia Quick Open and Scholastic Events from this past Saturday are now available. Click on the following link and then put SCC OCT QUICK in the Search box and then hit enter,com_wrapper/Itemid,201/
To get the cross-table for the Scholastic section: use the same link above and type in SCC OCT SCHOLASTIC


  1. Way to go Partho.

    Well done Harish.

    Many thanks to Tom Warner who organized and directed the event.

  2. Partho Bhattacharya, it is not easy to win 10 games in a row especially in one tournament. You did it. Congratulations!
    May you win an international tournament one day - with the same result.