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Complex end game tactic from MTel 2009

This is a position from moments before completed game Ivanchuk vs Wang Yue from MTel 2009.
In this position, white can win a pawn with 44.Bxe6 Kxe6 45.Bxg5. But the opposite colored bishop end game would be drawish. Hence Ivanchuk tried a different route with 44.Bxg5 first with a tactical shot in mind. But can you find the refutation? Wang Yue did it and Ivanchuk resigned in about 6 moves.
I think this position will require a considerable amount of time to analyze before the correct path is found. It took me a while even though I was following the game to evaluate all remaining variations.


  1. I think should go on this line: 1...h4+ 2.K:h4 (2.B:h4 g5 3.B:N g:h+)2...B:B 3.c:d Nd4 and it seems N is superior to the B here. I just looked at the position on the screen, so I might be wrong.

  2. Playing white in this position insted of B:g5? I would probably play 1.B:B, 2.g:h and then 3.B:g5. Marijan

  3. We can discuss this ending on Wednesday. I shall then post the analysis after that.

  4. I had a debate with Mig Greengard in the comments to his blog item here about both the analysis and whether it constituted an "epic fail" by Ivanchuk.

    Dennis Monokroussos also posted a very fine analysis here: