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Warner, Madden tie in Sardinia

Ryan Palmisano battles the Chess Ambassador (Mike Mcduffie) while Ryan (mad dog) Madden looks on.

Ryan Madden forced Tom Warner to settle for a draw in their game and ended up in a tie for 1st in the May 2nd Sardinia tournament. Connected passed pawns on the seventh rank by Madden convinced Warner to force a perpetual. This kid just keeps getting better and better! They both finished with 7.5/8 in the round robin event.

Ryan Palmisano had a fine tournament with 4.5/8 while Nathan Palmisano won the scholastic trophy with 3.5/7.

Also parcipating were Mike Mcduffie, Austin Will, Carl Raymore,Sam Tillinghast,and Trevor Hodge.

No tournament in June due to the Mayor's cup.

1 comment:

  1. Ryan,

    I am telling you - ever since
    Tom Warner gave you the moniker
    'Mad Dog', you have been on a
    tear. I think there's a connection.

    Good job.