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White to play and mate in three!

First, I thank you all for an opportunity to express some ideas about our favorite past time. For openers, I would like to start with a chess problem. White to play and mate in three! White: Kg1 Rf1 Rh7 Bd3 Bd2, h2 g2 f5 Black: Kg4 Re7 Re8 Qb8 Bb7, d4 c4, b6 a7 It is my hope that you will enjoy this problem solving activity!


  1. Thanks for posting. I added the chess board. But if it was intentional that you did not put the image so that, viewers will set up the board and try to solve rather solve it off the monitor screen, let me know and I can remove the image.

  2. The second move of this combination is very pretty!

  3. Yes, an interposing move, that threatens two different check mates is rare.

    Very nice one

  4. Keep 'em coming!

  5. OK so here is the solution:

    1. h3+ Kg3(forced)
    2. Be4!!

    if 2...Bxe4 then 3. Be1#
    if 2...Rxe4 then 3. Rf3#
    if 2...any other move then Be1#