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World Open Update

July 4, 2009 12:33 PM
Josh Rofrano said... Hey guys, some local Western NY players are playing in the World Open:
  • Glenn Westcott 4 points in the U1800 section
  • Evan Ashton 3 points in the U1800 section (losing to Glenn which is wild because they are both from Buffalo)
  • Igor Nikolayev 4 points in the U2400 section, and
  • Matt parry 2.5 in the U2400 section.

If there is anyone I'm missing, please feel free to add them.

For the standings go to


  1. Folks,

    I ran into Glenn Westcott
    yesterday (Saturday) and wished
    him well. He had 5.0/6.0 at that
    point. Didn't locate Evan Ashton
    to also wish him good fortune.
    Saw GM Nakumura for the first time.
    He's doing quite well and also
    played GM Maurice Ashley in
    a game of "bullet' chess
    (1 minute).


  2. So did you win?
    Have a nice trip back, Marijan

  3. Marijan,

    Yes, I crushed him :) Seriously,
    I wasn't clear - Nakumura and
    Ashley played and a big crowd
    gathered. I believe that Glenn
    did fantastically well, tying for
    2nd place. Congratulations to
    him, to Ashton who did very well
    also and any other WNY notables
    (yes, Igor Nikoleyev also
    acquitted himself admirably in
    highly competitive U2400
    section). I hope to see all on
    Wednesday at Wegman's.