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For those who love the longer time controls and are looking to have a World Chess Federation - FIDE rating, this summer will be for you.

As Buffalo hosts its annual Friendship Festival, the Buffalo chess community will have the 2nd Annual CAN/AM International FIDE Masters Series. Starting July 17th & 18th, August 21st & 22nd and September 18th & 19th, 2010, held at the Gloria J Parks Community Center, 3242 Main Street, Buffalo NY 14215. The FIDE Master Series are for established FIDE rated players and for those who are looking to establish a FIDE rating. Currently there are 28 FIDE rated players in Canada, 178 in New York State, just imagine if those from Maryland, PA, OH, MA and NJ decide to participate?

The format for the FIDE World Chess tournament will be Five rounds, FIDE & USCF rated, Swiss, Game 120, 20 Enhanced U.S.C.F. Grand Prix points, Entry fee is $55, Guaranteed Cash Prizes for the Top 3 are as follows, 1st $350, 2nd $250 & 3rd $200. Class Prizes are U2000 $175 and U1800 $150.

There will be an U1500 Section, Entry fee $30 v $50 USD Cash only on site, Guaranteed Cash Prizes $150, $90, $60.

The game schedule for all games will be Saturdays at 10am, 2:30pm and 7pm, Sundays at 10am and 2pm. Byes are available if requested at registration, none available in Round 5.

Advance Online registration with reply to with full name, current FIDE/USCF Id numbers, section of play and telephone number. Please mail and make checks payable to The Archangel 8 Chess Academy,"FIDE" 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo, NY 14221 postmarked no later than 7 days prior to the tournament.

This is my second attempt to attract higher rated chess players to the Buffalo - Niagara region, I would appreciate everyones help, please invite your chess friends to come and join us this summer in Buffalo. My brother "Pawn Master" is scheduled to bring some players in a van. If you would like me to contact someone, please email their full name, phone and email information.

The Convention Visitors Bureau is also working with me to attract 200 chess players, with reduced hotel and motel room rates, for all to See and Do in Buffalo,, YES! WE CAN! Each event will be published in the July, August and September Chess Life magazine, please tell your friends to look for it and join us.

If you have any ideas or comments that could make this a success, please make your comments known, so we all can share these ideas. The Rochester Chess Center has been holding a FIDE Rated, 9 Rounds, Round Robin Tournament, Entry fee is $50 for established FIDE rated players and $100 for NON FIDE rated players who are rated USCF 1600 and higher. Five of the players have established FIDE ratings, none are from the Buffalo - Niagara area.

HELP! Grow the Buffalo chess community, TELL A FRIEND & BRING A FRIEND! Let me know what you think.

Submitted by Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador


  1. I like this idea. I have FIDE id, but no established rating. I will like to play.
    uscf: 13247130

  2. And I will be there too.