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WCC Game 8 - Topalov Wins. Scores Level

In a very complicated opposite colored bishop endgame, Anand made a very instructive error that lead to his resignation shortly. I am showing the winning plan for white as explained by GM Harikrishna on ICC. Its indeed very instructive. In the first position, it is black to play. Black's way to draw is to have the Bishop guard the h7 pawn and let the king control the queening square white's d6 pawn. After defending well with this idea for a long time, suddenly Anand made the instructive error in this position playing 54...Bc6??. And then after 55.Kh6 ...Kg8 we have reached the opposite plan of what black intended. Now the king guards the h7 pawn and black's bishop cannot leave its diagnol as otherwise d7 wins (diagram 2). White continued with 56.g4 and Anand resigned in view of, 56...Bd7 (cannot leave the diagnol) 57.g5 Be8 (for the moment guarding g6 - you will see why this is crucial - diagram 3) 58.Bg7 and now black has no good moves to make (Zugzwang). 58...Bc6 59.g6! forcing 59...hxg6 60.Kxg6 (diagram 4)and now the king has found its path to f6. Previously there was no way king could enter f6 as g6 was covered by the h7 pawn and white king tried Kg5 then black went Kf7. The game can continue 60...Be8+ 61.Kf6 Bd7 62.Ke7! Bc8 63.Be5 and we reach the final diagram position where black cannot stop d7 push.

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  1. It is hard to understand. Waiting for next game and first win with black. m