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Third Annual Minorities In Criminal Justice Grand Prix Results

Another forty player turnout at the Main Place Mall. The cross table is at

The winners in the Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell W. Whitfield Jr. Star Scholastic (K - 12) Section are as follows; Undefeated Champion - Raemell C. Johnson, 6th grader, City Honors & Urban Knights Chess Club member. Second Place - Miles A. James, 3rd grader, Olmstead #64 and Urban Knights Chess Club member, Third Place - James W. Hamton, East High and Urban Knights Chess Club member, Fourth Place - Lorena M. James, Nichols School & Urban Queens Chess Club member.

The winners of the David Evans Jr Purple Heart U1500 Section are as follows; Co-Champions - David C. Gluchowski and Khadir Muhammad, Third place - Eric Muhammad, Fourth place - James J. Paul, M.D.

In the MCJ Open, was the largest section with 20 players. The winners are Undefeated Champion - Eric Grabowski(2109) and a five way tie for second were Mark J. Clark,(2047} Jamestown NY, Marijan Procyk(2053), Harish Srinivasan(1893), Alanna Katz(1868) and newcomer Richard Brent(830), Lockport NY.

Upset Leaders were Richard Brent(830) with 1684 points, Thomas C. Callea(1509)with 552 points, Michael A. Mc Duffie(1202)with 544 points, Erik W. Lubas(1648)with 248.5 points, Mike Jocko(1535)with 166.5 points, Francis B. Grabowski(1409)with 126 points, Alanna Katz(1868)with 98.5 points, Ryan Madden(1727)with 92 points, Marijan Procyk(2053)with 12 points.

We want to extend a welcome to newcomers Richard Brent from Lockport NY, Jaymes Rodgers, Khadir Muhammad, Eric Muhammad, John C. Dill. Congratulations to Lorena M. James for winning her first chess trophy with her brother Miles.

The next event is the 4th Annual Mayor's Cup Chess Championships, presented by The Buffalo State College Student Affairs department in conjunction with The Archangel 8 Chess Academy and Simpson & Simpson PLLC., Featuring defending 2009 Mayor's Cup Champion Vance Williams, on June 5th & 6th, held at Buffalo State College, Campbell Student Union, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo NY 14222, for more information, please reply to

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