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Mark Clark wins in Sardinia

Expert Mark Clark (seen above- on left )won the May Swiss held this past Saturday at the Sardinia Community Center. He won all 3 games, defeating Carl Raymore, Ryan Madden in a great battle, and Pat Patterson.
In the Clark-Madden game, at one point Ryan had a K-Q-p against Mark's K-R-B-p but Mark's experienced play forced the Queen off and gave him a winning endgame. As Mark said "He gave me a real scare". A great game by both players! Ryan, Pat and Mike Jocko all tied for 2nd. Nathan Palmisano won the u1500 prize. Also competing were Mike McDuffie, Austin Kossow, Ryan Palmisano, Zach Madden, Todd Thompson, and Rosemary Warner.

The Scholastic section was also very competetive. Sam Santora ended up winning with 10 wins followed by Kevin Lyle with 8 and Todd Thompson with 7. It was good to see some new faces this month with Sam Santora and the Lyle boys from Lackawanna, and Lorena and Miles James from Buffalo. Other players were Zach Madden, Carl Raymore, Ryan Palmisano, Max Peters, Nate and Nick Schiener, and Sam Tillinghast.

The cross table for this event is at No tournament next month due to the Mayor's Cup. This will be a FIDE rated tournament, probably the only chance a lot of us will have to get an international rating, so lets get as many players there as possible and help support chess in our area!

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