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Congratulations to All!

It was a fine showing by all those who attended and also by all those who made possible the just completed Alliance for Quality Education Scholastic and Open Chess Tournament at the Main Place Mall on Saturday January 20, 2007.
The Open section was won by Rev. Marijan Procyk with a perfect 4/4, while second was shared by John Dolan, Mark Johnson, Pashawn Romer, and Harish Srinivasan all with 3/4. Biggest upset honors goes to Benjamin Walker Havey with a 542 point kill!
In the Grade 3-5 Section, Randall Beach was clear first with a perfect 4/4 and finishing second with 3/4 were Walker Darling and Timothy Banks (Darling was declared second by virtue of better tie-breaks).
The 4 way tie atop of the Grade 6-8 section of Marcus Nelson, Morgan Beach, Partho Bhattacharya, and Tyler Smith was decided by the ever exciting 5 minute blitz tie breaks. Bhattacharya came out victorious with Beach finishing second.
Thank you Mr. Michael McDuffie for running another fine event.


  1. It was a great fun tournament. Thank you all.

  2. I had strange last game. So badly playing at one time and wonderfully (if I can say it myself) on other. In the beginnibg passivity - later agression and sacrifices. It was very hard game. Will post it, but cannot provide link to this game as previously.

  3. The 6-8 grade scholastic at main street Mall was won by Partho while the report says Partho was ion second place. SOmeone please correct the facts??

  4. The facts have been corrected. Sorry about the mix up Partho.