Next Tournament

The results are in! Decemeber Main Place Mall Event

The Alliance for Quality Education Tournament at the Main Place Mall has been rated and the results are available at the following link: Congratulations to Mark Johnson, Evan Ashton, and Rael Dolan the winners of the Open, Grades 6-9, and Grades 3-5 sections respectively. Watch out, however, for Malcolm Nelson, he certainly is a way better player than his current rating. I predict he will be doing much better in scholastic events and adult opens in the future and this will be no surprise to me. Thanks to Mr. Michael Mc Duffie for running a fine event. Remember he will be having a tournament at the Main Place Mall on the third Saturday of each month starting next weekend throgh May. See prior post under Arch Angel Chess for more information.


  1. Though this means, my rating has gone down further, I am glad, the results have been posted.!!

  2. Yes, obviously so. But we all better watch out for the REVENGE of the Harish in the future.