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Missed mate!!

The first position was reached in my game against Roy Hamann over the board in a Petroff defense. Quite surprising in itself. White to move. Black(Roy) is threatening in his next move ...Bc6 skewering my queen. I played 24.fxg6!? and the game continued 24...Bc6 25.gxh7+ Kg7? and we reached the second diagram position. This position is already won for White!(+12.55) and I played the winning(but not the best) continuation 26.Rxc6! and black replied with 26...bxc6??. Unfortunately I missed mate in 3 after this and ended up losing the game!!. Can you find the mate in 3 for white starting at move 27.


  1. Doesn't it just stink when you "Fritz Up" a game you played and you find out you missed such things?

    The answer is:
    27. a8=Q+ with either two completely losing lines for black
    Either 27...Kxa8 28.Qh3+ Kg7(or8)(forced) 29.Qh7#
    Or 27...Rxa8 28.Qxf7+ Kh6(forced)29.Qg6#

  2. Mark, I have a question. Did you "Fritz up" to find this solution? Also I wonder did Harish do that, or maybe GM pointed out. It is nice short combnation and it seems only one that works. Roy missed it, otherwise he would play Kh8 previously. As for me I went to look at comment first and missed my chance to try to solve. Mea culpa.

  3. No, I actually got this one without silicon help. Like I said before, I seem to find tactical shots in other's games, but never seem to get to such interesting positions myself.

  4. All my wednesday over the board games, I leave it for over night detailed analysis by Fritz. It adds a lot of variations and comments which I print out and then analyze over the board. And I was quite embarassed to see Fritz point this out to me. And the worst part is, I played fxg7, knowing that I will sacrifice my rook on c6 if ..Bc6. Its a shame I missed the continuation of the combination.

  5. 25...Kg7 looks like the losing move. What does Fritz think about 25...Kh8? I think black is better then. Another case of faulty logic, as I'd considered both choices. I was afraid of having my K wedged in the corner. I thought on g7 I have escape, and K could capture if pawn pushes to h8, but looked no further. Thanks Harish for sharing your post game analysis with me on several of our recent games, as I usally don't play over my games, and I have no Fritz to help me. And incidentally, it's Hamann, not Hamman ;-)