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Who would you want to be? Quiz for 1/16/07

Which side would you prefer to play? What if you were white here and you were playing someone 400 points higher? White to move. What is the move to make?


  1. Quick glance shows me that I would sac 1.Ng6 f:g 2.Bg6 h:g 3.Qg6. Having draw I would look for something more, but not sure is there anything. Black can take the pawn with thw Q and protect from the B.

  2. Was that something similar that you played against me? Sort of remember ...

  3. Waiting for your comment here. Was that the way...

  4. Yes, indeed. Here the sacrifice of both the knight and bishop yields a forced draw by perpetual (three fold repetition.

    1.Nxg6 either hxg6 or fxg6
    2.Bxg6 either hxg6 or fxg6
    3.Qxg6+ Kh8
    4.Qh8+ Kg8
    5.Qg6+ Kh8
    6.Qh6+ Kg8
    7.Qg6+ and draw by three fold repetition.

    We must always keep in mind not only the idea of a forced draw, often by perpetual queen checks, as a resource to bail out of an inferior postion when losing, but also to avoid giving our opponent who is in an inferior position the opportunity to force such a draw.

    Clearly here black's move to set up the initial position of 0...g6 was a mistake.