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KID 4 pawns

position after 28...Ne5
Here is a King's Indian Defense (KID) game that I played recently. Since we often play this opening, I thought it might be interesting to replay. I guess during such sharp games, often I think that I stood better, but I also was always afraid that that might be true for my opponent at some point too. Are there any questions at any move? In order to make it easier go to: It should work fine. After you see it just click back arrow on uper left corner. Marijan [Event "Clan challenge"] [Site ""] [Date "2006.12.19"] [Round "?"] [White "procyk"] [Black "rotk"] [WhiteRating "1859"] [BlackRating "1784"] [Result "1-0"] [GameId "2911865"] 1. d4 Ng8f6 2. c4 g6 3. Nb1c3 Bf8g7 4. e4 O-O 5. f4 d6 6. Ng1f3 c5 7. d5 e6 8. Bf1e2 exd5 9. cxd5 Rf8e8 10. e5 dxe5 11. fxe5 Nf6g4 12. Bc1g5 Qd8b6 13. O-O Ng4xe5 14. Nf3xe5 Bg7xe5 15. Be2c4 Qb6xb2 16. d6 Re8f8 17. Bc4xf7 Kg8g7 18. Bf7d5 Qb2xc3 19. Rf1xf8 Kg7xf8 20. Qd1f1 Bc8f5 21. Ra1d1 Nb8d7 22. g4 Kf8g7 23. gxf5 h6 24. Bg5e7 Qc3b2 25. Qf1f3 Qb2xh2 26. Kg1f1 Be5f6 27. fxg6 Qh2h4 28. Rd1e1 Nd7e5 29. Re1xe5 1-0


  1. It was an interesting game.

    After 4.e4 I always thought that the typical 4...d6 is to be played. Instead 4...0-0 was played which could lead down the path of 5.e5 Ng8 which I do not like so much.

    Also 10.e5 was not so well liked by Fritz. But even less liked was 21...Nd7. or 26...Bf6. But the real blunder was 28...Ne5.

    It was cool to link it so it can be replayed.


  2. Interresting.
    10.e5 and 10.Nd2 is considered ok for humans. I play usually 10.e5. Veiser against Ibrahimov played 10.Nd2 and in this game I am following Veiser-Berthelot from 1992 French championship, with Berthelot improvement on 23rd move from 1993 against Erbilia(originally he played 23.Qc2? with Veiser and lost quickly)
    What would be good 21st move for black instead of 21...Nd7?
    As for 26...Bf6 he had to play 26...gf5 with equality as played in Erbilia-Berthelot. And 28...Ne5 was sure the end.
    Can you run fritz analysis of this game and give me printout. I am sure I would learn a lot.

  3. I am not familiar with this opening, but looking up the database as you have mentioned, it looks like a long theoretical line. I have put the game for fritz analysis over night(takes about 3 hrs) with infinite depth analysis. I shall get the print out tomorrow. Fritz thinks White has advantage enough to win even before the blunder 28...Ne5.

  4. Thank you Harish. I am not sure will I be tomorrow. Stephen has birthday. Will see.
    This line I play as often as I can. On both sides, but I am better with white, and I play more as white, because white dictates 4 pawns. For black seldom someone -lays it, and I do not know enough Samish or classical. Before I used to play Averbakh, and I dreaded KID as black.