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How do I do this?

One of our active members was having some difficulty in responding to these posts. So I thought I might try to give a quick tutorial:
1)After accessing put your cursor over one of the post's comments and click on it.
2)This will bring you to the "post a comment" screen.
2b)Now, for those of you who do not yet have a Goggle account, select the "sign up here" in the lower right hand corner. (You can skip creating a Goggle account, and still post comments by signing in as anonymous. See Step 5 below. (I suggest you just put your name or initials at the end of your comment, though, if you wish those to know who authored the comment.)
2c)You will be directed to a new screen where you will fill out a short form. All you need is an already exsiting email address, make up a password, and make up a "blog handle" if you like (ie I choose "the chessdoctor"). Once you sign up with a Goggle account you will be able to skip Steps 2b&c in the future.
3. Write your comment in the leave a comment box.
4. Fill in the word identification box.
5. Choose an identity. [If you created a Goggle account, you fill in your email address in the user section not your "blog handle". Then type in your password.] (If you wish to be anonymous, then just select that option. )
6. Select publish your comment and you might be done. If it gives you back the same screen but an error message it may be that you typed the word verification incorrectly, (often the u and v are hard to discern), just retype the new word verification and hit publish again. Now you are done.
In the future, if you have a Goggle account, you can even add a picture to go with your comments, by going to the blogsite and just selecting "sign in" in the upper right hand corner. Just sign into your Goggle account under the new blogger area with your email address and your password. This will then take you to your "dashboard" where you can then edit your profile including adding your picture.
I hope this helps.


  1. Trying to add comment as anonymous. I couldn't do it before.

  2. Who was that mystery man? The above anonymous. Perhaps we will never know, but at least he or she was able to now post a comment!

  3. it was just me, roy