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Faster or Better than a Super GM? Quiz for 1/5/07

Hard to believe but our nation's very own Super GM blundered in this recent game and was knocked out of the ongoing ACP Rapid World Cup Tournament. Can you find the better move for Nakamura (white) vs. Gelfand? White to move.


  1. I think that 1.Kg2 is essential otherwise 1...Rf1+ and problems might arise. Am I on right track.

  2. Unless Rb7+ and a7 is enough (probably). What is the verdict?
    I saw that Nakamura played a7 which looks somewhat strange.

  3. The best answers are the ones you proposed, with Rb7+ as the preferred answer, although Kg2 is choice #2. Clearly better than what was played which was a7.

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