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Several USCF Scholastic players turned out to the Wegman's - Alberta Drive Store, Amherst New York and earned some rated points. The Columbus Day results were Co-Champions Miles A. James, Urban Knights and Samuel Santora, Chess Club of Buffalo, 2nd Place new USCF member Benjamin Rummell,Chess Club of Buffalo, Homeschool Chess club and 3rd Place Kevin Farris, Chess Club of Buffalo. Kudos for Samuel Santora who earned a place in the USCF Top 100 - 7 year olds as of June 2009, Congratulations! A round robin, game 30 was the play of the day. I want to thank the dedicated and loyal players, the parents who took the time out to bring their children out for tournament play.

The next USCF Scholastic Tournment will be Saturday, Oct 17th, 2009, Five Rounds, Swiss, Game 30, Pizza and Refreshments will be held at the Main Place Mall, Upper Level, 390 Main St, Buffalo NY 14201, Entry fee is $10.00, Trophies for the Top three Winners!

EVERY FOURTH SATURDAY we host the Borders Scholastic Monthly Chess League, Quakercrossing Plaza, Cafe Section, Orchard Park NY, Games start at 1pm until 4:30pm. Please register in advance by online to no later than friday, October 23, 2009 with full name, age, grade, telephone number. Membership is $5.00 per person.

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