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David A. Rosenkoetter who is from Kansas City, MO has really impressed the chess community during his current visit to the Buffalo/WNY area. As you see in the picture above, David is blind, and plays on his own Braille-style board while his opponent moves the pieces on a “sighted” chessboard.

Despite this disadvantage, David won three out of four matches in the U1500 Section of The October "Grand Prix" Tournament held at the Main Place Mall in Buffalo, NY this past Saturday. His performance earned him a tie for 2nd place and increased his rating to his highest point so far. David is the first blind chess player to play at this event but has competed in a number of tournaments in the past. In 2008 he finished in a tie for third place at the United States Chess Federation Blind Championships.

Charles Ferraro, his opponent in the third round and who was one of Mr. Rosenkoetter's victims, had this to say about David: "He certainly showed a number of us how to play the game! He played the f4 attack against my Sicilian defense to great effect in our game and had me on the ropes very quickly."

The next Main Place Mall tournament will be Saturday, November 21, 2009. It will be named in honor of Roland K Beard, Jr. who is a living World War II Airforce hero and native of Clarence, NY. While in the Burma Road Campaign he broke the Japanese code and in so doing saved a British war ship. Although he was to receive a honorary war citation, he still has not garnered this recognition from the US government. Come out and join us in a big salute to a local living WWII Airforce Hero! For more information and registration please reply to


  1. Congratulations to all winners and especcially to David A. Rosenkoetter. You David are inspiration to us all. Marijan

  2. Yes, I must second Marijan's sentiments.
    Congratulations to David on his excellent
    play of which I can personally attest as
    I was one of his 'victims'.