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Euro Team Champ Tactic

Is ...Bf4 playable?

Position from a game played today in the Euro Team Championship between Croatio vs Russia --- GM Saric and GM Jakovenko. Black is down an exchange, but far from lost since he holds two very active bishops. Black (Jakovenko) is in check and he found this ...Bf4 idea and played it. Black claims that white can do no harm with Rxe5 since he feels the rook on f2 cannot both pin the bishop as well as defend g2. Although this observation is correct, unfortunately for Jakovenko he did not see far enough. How far can you see?


  1. 1...Bf4 2.R:e5 R:g2+ 3.R:g2 B:e5 (if 3...B:e2 4.Rf5+) 4.Rf2+! and now on 4...Kg7(Ke7)5.Rf7+ and on 4...Ke8 5.Re2 winning. Did it without board so forgive me for possible mistakes, but the ideas should be correct. Marijan

  2. No mistake at all. Absolutely 4.Rf2+! decides the game and indeed after that, Jakovenko resigned.