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Euro Club Tactic

Here is a position that has caught the attention of quite a few chess blogs/reports over the last week. White to move :)


  1. I think this was interesting as I couldn't see
    the first move initially but realizing it
    was almost certainly the rook on e3 to
    utilize the BxBh6 check.

    1. Re6 f7xRe6
    2. BxBh6+ Ng7
    and now the part that I didn't initially
    think of in case black plays Kg8 rather than
    Ng7 to block the Bishop check)
    (2. .. Kg8
    3.Rb3 QxRb3
    4.Qe6+ )

    3. Qe5


  2. Very nice Vic. Indeed after 3.Rb3 Qxb3 4.Qxe6+ Kh8 and 5.Qf7 there is no stopping mate.

    I think Rb3 was hard to find in the given position (considering it 2 moves deep).

  3. Thanks, Harish. No it wasn't but I suppose
    the way to look at it was to see how one
    could get the Queen in the mix by getting
    to e6 with a check and that involved getting
    the black queen off of the 6th rank. Rb3, as
    you say does that but it's not obvious (at
    least wasn't to me ) :)

    Nice puzzle/tactics.