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***** Update Crosstable **** Chess is very much alive and well in the Buffalo and Western New York area, as evidenced by the twenty-one chess players who participated in the October Grand Prix Event this past Saturday at the Main Place Mall. Both newcomers and old returning friends added the flavor of the day. Some of the newcomers included David A. Rosenkoetter, who is visiting from Kansas City, MO. Not only did he come from far away but he also is the first blind chess player to compete at a Main Place Mall tournament. We also welcomed Mathew GH Jenkins a student for the Buffalo College League, from West Seneca, NY. Meanwhile Charles Ferraro and Mykel Douglas(1751p) joined us from The Westfield Chess Club, Westfield NY. Lastly Ferdinand Supsup(1693), from Toronto, Ontario Canada came back for a return visit to take on the south of the border competition.

The STAR SCHOLASTIC WINNERS were Partho Bhattacharya(1246), a City Honors student who captured first place and Nathan Palmisano(720), from Pioneer Middle School who collected second place in front of proud grandfather-Tom Warner. Buffalo College Chess League October Champion was Mathew GH Jenkins a student at BYU.

In the U1500 Section, William M. Rich, from Amherst, NY was the champion with an undefeated mark of 3.5/4 and recharged his rating to 1344. Finishing in a tie for 2nd place with 3pts each were the previosly unrated Mathew Jenkins and the aforementioned blind player David A. Rosenkoetter. [Upset Leaderboard: David A. Rosenkoetter (967) with 286 upset points, Steve L. Baer(1085) for 168 points, and William M. Rich(1204) for 67 pts.]

Harish Srinivasan was a perfect 4 for 4 and was clear first in the OPEN SECTION and raised his rating to 1925! Tying for second were Vance Williams (2132), Thomas A. Warner(1739) and Michael A. Mc Duffie(1156) all with 3 points. [UPSET LEADERBOARD: Michael A. Mc Duffie(1156) for 601 points, Harish Srinivasan(1886) for 246 pts, and Erik W. Lubas(1556) for 112 pts.]

The next Grand Prix will be named in honor of a WWII veteran from Clarence, New York- Roland K. Beard, Jr. While in the Airforce, OSS, he and a colleague were responsible for breaking the code of the Japanese that helped save many British soldiers on a ship that was to be attacked. He has not been in good health recently and we are trying to have the US Government issue him and his fellow soldier their Honorary Citation. It was to be awarded to them earlier but some how fell through the cracks. He currently lives in Maryland but his sister will be delighted to share photos and stories of her brother with us. Previosly when he had lived in the Clarence area, he had taught chess to children. So we hope we have a nice turn out to meet and greet his sister. Saturday, November 21, 2009, Main Place Mall, 390 Main St, Buffalo NY, Four Rounds, Swiss, Game/50. For more information and registration please reply to

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