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Halloween Quads

Halloween Quads G/40,October 31, 2009 Educational Opportunity Center 465 Washington St. Buffalo ,NY 14203 4th floor auditorium ,play only players in your rating range in each Quad. 3-RR,EF:$20, $15 for non-rated and $10 for scholastic Quads. Also featuring non-rated Quads for players without U.S.C.F. ratings. Registration 8:30-9:00, Rds.9-10:25-11:45, Prizes:$50 1st in rated Quads , Trophies for Scholastic Quads and $30 1st for non-rated Quads. Info: Douglas Dubose or call (716) 874-5709 Send advanced entries to Old School Chess Enterprises, 124 Military Road, upper Buffalo, N.Y. 14207

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