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Very Instructive Endgame

This game was between myself and Ferdinand Supsup in round 2 of the October Grand Prix at Main place mall last Saturday. I have the full game with analysis of only the endgame as it was very interesting and instructive. Your comments welcome.


  1. Interresting. I would like to go with you over the endgame next wednesday. Sorry, could not be this one. Marijan

  2. How would you meet 55. Ra6 instead of 55. Ka7?
    55...Kc7 57. Ka7! could be drawish.
    Ferdinand DS

  3. 55.Ka6 is still lost for white.

    55.Ka6 g3! (Not Kc7?) 56.b6 g2 57. b7 Kc7! (now) 58.Ka7 forced and then g1=Q+ and black wins.

    Basically after 48...g5 white is lost.