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Marchand Memories

I again would like to publicly thank Ron and Michael of the RoCHESSter Chess Center for putting on one of the finest Marchand Tournaments in recent years. It was very well done!
My unofficial count had over 10 regulars from Buffalo-Niagara participating. At least three of them came home with money as well as memories by finishing in the top three of the four different sections. Roy Hamann (4/5) was 2nd in the Under 1800 section and John Dolan and Mark Mieth finished in the three way tie(4/5) for 2nd in the Under 1400.
The ratings report is available on online at


  1. Yes it was a fantastic event. Congratulations to Roy, Mark and John. Is anyone going to the Chicago open?? I am tempted to go after the learning experience in this one.

  2. Congratulations to all three. As I said before: “Do not look at me. I will be in the middle” and it was so. There were 36 players in open and I was on 15 spot. All in all I consider it ok. I lost half point from 3 games (1, 2, 5). Hardly could expect more. As for another game (3rd against A. Ivanov, 2600+) I could not really expect anything, although it was ok until I thought I am safe and played fast. As for game No 4, Sunday morning, that was the easiest half point, although I did neither lose nor gain anything. (Hint: did not play it at all). I like those two winning games. One with black and one with white – Notebome and KID 4 pawns attack. I will post those 4 games soon. Please provide some comments. And please post your games. It does not really matter, if they are full of mistakes. We are not professionals.

  3. I found this Marchand very enjoyable! Beautiful Skittles room upstairs for players to chat. 3 Gm's to observe and kids that needed booster seats (all very intertaining)! I remember one moment when my young opponent was moaning and his friend was dancing in the isle waiting to go to the potty, Marijan was sitting across from the 2600 GM, Roy and opponent had about 35 pieces all jammed up in the center of the board, Harish and opponent seemed to be entering middle game with about 15 minutes left to play, and Mark was loosing his pieces just before he mated his opponent one of 5 ways. At this point I put on my chess hat and played the board... JD

  4. JD, you can describe something big in a few words.
    Harish, I would like to go to Chicago, but no way.
    What about Lake George? I am looking forward to go there, and possibly to World Open in Philadelphia. Anybody going?

  5. Hello all.. Just wanted to drop a note saying I really enjoyed playing the Marchand this year, and that it was very nice to know a couple of people there for a change. This was my best result out of three attempts, and despite losing the last game I am left with a positive feeling about my games (though Fritz 10 is already pointing out many mistakes that compounded over time...)

    Anyway, it was great seeing the success of the WNY players this year. :) Already looking forward to next year's event. I'm pondering going to NYS Open and/or the US Open, but at this point I am really not sure.