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The Holy Trinity. Quiz for 5/27

As this is Pentecost Sunday, it is time to complete our trinity of bishop's quizzes. Clearly if black is on the move it is over with ...Qh4#, however, it is white to move. Will the spirit move you to victory?


  1. First
    before reading
    to solve
    for yourself
    in order
    to brush
    your tactics...


    1. Qd5+ Kf8
    (not 1...Kh8 2. Qa8+ and mate next)
    2.Qc5 Kg8
    (on 2...Qe7 3.Qc8+ and mate next)
    3.Qc8+ Qf8
    4.Bf7+ Kxf7

  2. very nice. 2. Qc5+ check is one to be keep in mind when having a bishop. Queen and bishop on opposite color squares controlling four key squares f8 e8 f7 e7.

    I have a happy news to share with all of you. At chicago open U 1700, I tied for second with 6/7 and will be getting $2000. :) Also This should get my rating higher than 1700 :). Thanks to all the active chess playing with all of you in Buffalo over the last year.

  3. Congratulation, Harish! (Can I have a beer?)
    Very good. It was great idea to go to Chicago. (I wish I could. My result would not be that good, but it would be great competition.)
    Hope to see your games sometimes. Bring them Wednesday.

  4. Congrats. I won't be able to make it out tonight, too much homework and I have to keep up on my studies when I get out of class at 9:40. I should be able to get a few hours on Saturday though.

    - Peter