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Scandinavian and Caro-Kann at MTel today

After a long time, I see that the Scandinavian and the Caro-Kann defenses were played at the elite GM level. These defenses are commonly used by at least two players I know of at our chess club. Today at MTel Masters, GM Topalov (White) was beaten by GM Nisipeanu (Black) in the Scandinavian defense. And GM Sasikiran(Black) drew with GM Adams using the Caro-Kann defense. In both these games, the Black players were much lower rated FIDE than the White players. I hope to see more such openings in this tourney. You can replay the games at Scandinavian and Caro-Kann


  1. I went on official site and look around. Viewed Sasikiran's game and then went and downloaded 566 games from
    He plaed many Car-Kanns so maybe I will learn something.

  2. ! Did Marijan and Roy play the MTel today?!

  3. Yes I also realized that Sasikiran has played lots of caro-kann just today. I am also trying to learn from my database how to play against it :)