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The Revenge of the Quiz!

With school coming to a close, it is time to return to having a pop quiz. White to move. Is there anything to stop Black's threat of Nxg4+ ?


  1. if its white to move,then 1. Ne6+ followed by 2.Qa4+ should lead to mate.

  2. Just check and maybe there is a mate. Somewhat simple, but how many times we miss those opportunity.

  3. Actually I forget to put a black pawn on b5. So Harish's answer works.

    As you know I like to sacrifice material so, I had hoped to have the only answer be:

    1. Ne6+ Ke8
    2. Qd8+ Bxd8
    3. Rf8+ Rxf8
    4. Ng7#

    If it were black to move in the diagram, what would you have done?

  4. Mark, next time just correct the position and extend time for the solution. These were good tactics. Involves some thinking.
    As for black you said yourself Ng4+. Do not see anything stronger. Mate to follow soon.
    1...Ng4+ 2.Kg2 Nf2 3.Kf3 Qe4 mate On other variations mate will be with Q on h3.