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Upcoming Tournament schedule by Archangel 8 Chess Academy

I just received the following email from "the chess ambassador"-Mr. Michael McDuffie, and wished to share the good news with our readership:
"Thanks to all of [you for your] support, help, and participation in the tournaments that we have held in the Main Place Mall since September 2007.
We... now have a "CHESS HOME" for future tournaments. I now have a written agreement to host chess tournament in the Main Place Mall, 2nd Floor, 390 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14202.
Mark your calendars and send in your suggestion on how to bring more people or style of tournaments to Buffalo - Niagara region [in order] to plan future tournaments for the fall and announce [them] in Chess Life and Chess Life for Kids [magazines of] the United States Chess Federation.
[The dates are:] July 14th, August 11th, September 15th, October 13th, November 10th and December 8th, 2007.
[Also] please send your note of appreciation and thanks to Main Place Liberty Group, 2100 Liberty Building, Buffalo, NY 14202-3699 for allowing us the access to their facility to help promote the game of chess in Western New York...
Without your help this would not be possible [and] I am very grateful to all who have helped promote the game of chess [in our area]. "
-Michael Mc Duffie

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  1. Very glad to hear about the upcoming tournaments and thanks to all for the efforts.