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36 chess players came out to the tournament this past Saturday. One special guest was Felix Yuanfei Ling from Guangdong, China. He is a 6 year old, who not only plays chess well, but writes neat algebraic chess notations. While visiting the Grand Prix, Felix had the opportunity to play the following players for experience: Lorena James (3rd grader), Samantha Rodriguez(100), (1st grader), Corey Washington (7th grader), Julius Spencer (5th grader), Kingman Bassett (4th grader) and Malik Ferguson(543) (4th grade). His only loss was to Malik by means of a scholar's mate! A mating pattern, I doubt, he will ever lose to again. Felix will be rewarded with a special trophy as November's "Best Unrated Player" from the Archangel 8 Chess Academy. In the Senator Antoine M Thompson Section (1st graders - 4th) 1st Place winner - Frankie A Rodriguez,(566) Home Schooled with an undefeated 4-0 2nd Place - Doshlynn M Romer (218) 3rd Place - Daja Vu D. Romer (388) Mary Ruth Kapsiak Section (5th - 8th Graders) 1st Place winner - Aaron J Mc Duffie,(886) Casey Middle School with an undefeated 5-0 2nd Place - Jacob Bennett (631), 4th grader from Stella Niagara Education Park 3rd Place (Tie) Malik Ferguson (543), 4th grader School #53 & Urban Knights Chess Club and Kingman Bassett, 4th grader, and new USCF member. Paul Turecki U1600 Section Undefeated 4-0, Evan Ashton, (1535), Clarence High School, and newly elected president of the Clarence Chess Club. This is his 5th win for 2007! 2nd Place (Tie) David Biddle (1437) and Ryan Madden (963) Pioneer School Top Female U1600 was Sophia Lynn Lewis (1375), Baltimore MD, wh is also the chess vendor for the Archangel 8 Chess Academy and Buffalo Open Grand Prix tournaments. Mayor Byron W Brown Grand Prix Section 1st Place (Tie) National Master Lionel L Davis (2217), Buffalo, NY and Glenn S. Westcott (1662) Hamburg NY. 3rd Place (Tie) Rev. Marijan Procyk, (2072) Buffalo, NY and David "Pawnmaster" Mc Duffie (1880), Baltimore MD. The full cross table is available at The next Buffalo Open Grand Prix will be on Saturday, December 8th, 2007. Advance entries are greatly appreciated.


  1. Another job well done by Mr. Mc Duffie.

  2. Glenn Wescott is on fire lately.

    Ed Mark