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Pattern Recognition

Harish had asked that I post this online game of mine. The background story is that at a prior Wegmans Wednesday he had defeated me with a similar "trap" in which he gave up his bishop in order to open up the rook file in front of my castled king. His queen came out to that file and checkmate was unavoidable. To show you that it is not just young Felix who quickly can remember patterns in chess, I offer you this game. Note that after 12...Qh5 the game is over. White has no way of stopping checkmate, he kindly allowed the checkmate, however, and then swore at me in some Slavic language.


  1. Nicely done. I'll see you folks
    at the tournament in Buffalo on
    Saturday. Understand why there is
    no Wegmans Saturday but look forward
    to resuming a week from this

  2. Yes, very very nice application of the prinicple in that game.

    I will try and be there for the tourney this saturday

  3. I guess white was on suicide mission...
    Will see you Saturday, God willing.

  4. Nice win. However instead of playing Bishop takes pawn. White can play 13.f4 stopping the immediate checkmate and possibly holding the position

  5. Nice win!! However White can stop the immediate checkmate and defend the position by playing 13. f4 instedad of taking the pawn with bishop. What do you think, i believe white can hold on