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Melvin Fowler v. Jim Brown
Bills center Melvin Fowler #67 is widely regarded as the best chess player on Buffalo's roster. And while most of his teammates don't devote the same amount of time to the game as he does, they might be a bit more respectful of his talents on the board if they knew the name of his top playing partner.
Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown is Fowler's most ardent adversary when it comes to the game of chess. The two met during Fowler's second year with the Cleveland Browns where Brown was still a consultant to the club.
"That's how we got to start playing each other," said Fowler. "Our friendship kind of developed around the board.
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Best wishes to Mr. Fowler over the board and on the gridiron. LET'S GO BUFFALO!!!


  1. Does anyone, have any interest in seeing if we can arrange to have him be an honored guest/participant at an upcoming event. Perhaps a scholastic one.

  2. Melvin Fowler really is a good chess player. I had a chance to play him at Spot Coffee in Buffalo.

    Nice guy, too.

    Ed Mark

  3. Definitly would be beneficial to have Melvin Fowler.
    Ed. when most chess players come to Spot Coffee?


  4. I think having Melvin Fowler
    participate would be good for all -
    the more the merrier and his ability
    to induce others to 'catch the bug'
    would be very helpful.