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No Wegmans this Saturday 11/10

Reminder that there is a tournament in Buffalo this Saturday morning and afternoon, therefore there likely will not be normal Wegmans Saturday chess action that evening. I for one will be going to the Main Place Mall event and not Wegmans Saturday night. Nov. 10 AQE Buffalo Open Monthly Grand Prix GPP: 10 Enhanced New York 4SS, Time controls: Rds. 1 & 2 G/45 Rds. 3 & 4 G/60 Prizes: 1st-2nd Gtd. $250-150-100, Class $75. Reg.: 8:30AM-9:15AM, Rds.: 9:30-11:20-1:10-3:30 EF: $50. U1600 EF: $35, $150-90-60, ALL PRIZES EXCEPT 1st & 2nd in OPEN, BASED ON 20 ENTRIES. Scholastic EF: $15, Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place. Adv Ent/Info: Archangel 8 Chess Academy,, 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo, NY 14221. Hope to see you in Buffalo.

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