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What do you think? Quiz for 1/7/07

This may be more of an essay question. Which side would you prefer to be? What do you think should be done? White to move.


  1. Position looks to have come about by a french defense with ...Bb4 a3 variation. I would prefer White as it has the two bishops and it can open up the position with a tactical shot 1. Nf6 with the idea of ...gxf6 2. exf6 Now if black tries to avoid the fork f7 with a rook move say 2...Rgf8 then 3.fxe7 ...Rf6 4.Re3 preparing 5.Bh5 should be strong for white as now both the bishops have come into play. If not black can allow the fork and be down the exchange. again that should be better for white.

  2. White is simply winning.
    Possibly Bb4, Qb1, Qa2, g4 (to restrain black N), Rf1, Rb1. Black K is exposed and a and b files are road to victory. Only white’s B on e2 does not much for now, but it is “good” bishop that might be useful later. White N always aims at f6 if needed.

  3. Harish, It seems we have completly different approach. That is beauty of chess.

  4. I too like white here and also liked the the Nf6 idea, but likely would have played Bb4 first forcing the Queen to a different square to protect it's light squared bishop allowing the bishop to defend my c pawn, thereby releasing the rook to later attack instead of defend.

    So here is the line I propose:
    1.Bb4 Qb5(or Qa6)
    2.Nf6 gxf6
    3.exf6 attacking the knight and threatening the e7 pawn.
    so if
    3...N any move 4.e7!
    or 3...R either 4.exd7

  5. Let us look at this position tomorrow in NCCC.