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The Second Annual David Evans Jr. Memorial Tournament turned out thirty nine players in three sections-with ten teams participating in The WNY Scholastic Spring Team Championships! Thanks to all the parents, grandparents, and other spectators who also joined us in the rememberence of David Evans, Jr.-a native of Buffalo who lost his life in the Iraq war. A special thanks goes out to NY State Senator Antoine M. Thompson, who serves the 60th District on the Veterans, Homeland Security, and Military Affairs. Senator Thompson continues to be a supportor of chess in WNY. To send him your comments and word of thanks, please email him at

The top three schools in the K - 6th grades were; Champions - Pioneer Middle School, 2ND Place - Chess Club of Buffalo (Home Schoolers), and 3rd place - North Park Academy. The top three school teams in the 7th - 12th grades were Champions - Buffalo United Charter (Urban Knights Chess), 2nd place -Olmstead and 3rd place - Transit Middle.

Individual awards in the K - 6th grades were Champion - Ryan G. Palmisano, 2nd Place - Samuel E. Santora, 3rd Place - Austin Kossow, 4th Place - Nathan C. Palmisano and 5th Place - Teneva J. Dennis.

Individual awards in the 7th - 12th grades were Champion - Jacob P. Frederiksen, 2nd Place - Willie J Smith III, 3rd Place - Demetrius Brown, 4th Place - Daniel A. Wyatt and 5th Place - Shakyle E. Topps.

The top five winners in the David Evans Jr. Memorial U1475 Section were; Champion - Ryan Madden (1459), 2nd Place - Attorney James P. Davis (1409), 3rd Place - Christopher Sherry(1437), 4th Place - Robert P. Gerow (1397), and 5th Place - John L. Johnson (1227). Upset leaders were James P Davis, George P Barton and Ryan Madden.

The top five winners in the Buffalo Masters Open were; Champion - NM Lionel L. Davis (2257), 2nd Place - Mark J Clark(2004), 3rd Place - Vince C Woodard(1838), 4th Place - NM Eddie E. Mark III(2202) and 5th Place - Harish Srinivasan(1745). Upset winners were Thomas C Callea Jr, Mark J Clark, Francis B Grabowski, Harish Srinivasan.

Our next Grand Prix tournament will be Saturday, May 16, 2009, Main Place Mall - Upper Level, 390 Main St, Buffalo NY 14201. For more information email to


  1. Great job everybody!

    Sorry I couldn't be there! :(

  2. Ryan (Mad Dog) Madden has hit 1500!

    Congrats young man!