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In the Willie Hutch Jones Scholastic Section had seven players participate and had two divisions: Starters and Advanced.

We were happy to see two players came in from Erie PA. We welcomed Christopher and Susan Dunsworth who drove in that morning with older brother Joshua and Dad Raymond Dunsworth. Susan is our first female from the state of Pennslvania. This was her first "emotional" medal, earned while playing King v King & Queen under time pressure. Thanks for joining us and we hope you return with your new smile and please bring a friend next time, Susan. We

The winners from the Starter "STARS" Section: 1st Place - Raemell C. Johnson, Urban Knights Chess Club member, 2nd Place - Miles A. James, Urban Knights Chess Club, and Susan Dunsworth, Erie,PA. A Scholastic USCF One year membership was awarded to Spencer R. Ryhans (the donor doesn't wish for her GIFT to be acknowleged at this time). Spencer is a new, competitor and "STAR" member of the Urban Knights Chess Club and is our first awarded "STAR" Chess Scholar! In the Advanced Section; Tied for 1st Place were Alexander W. Regan(the son of proud dad IM Ken Regan), Trevor D. Cohn, new Urban Knights member and former member of the Kenmore Knights, and Christopher Dunsworth, from Erie, PA.

This scholastic section was named in honor of Willie Hutch Jones, a former NBA player who resides in Buffalo and hosts "FREE" Educational and Sports Clinics in the WNY area during the summer months. This will be our second year of coaching Chess basics to 64 players at the Edward Saunders Community Center. We also participated in Presdent Obama's "Day of Learning" program in July.

Twenty Two players supported the July Grand Prix. First off, we want to say GOOD LUCK & GOOD BYE to National Master Lionel L. Davis, who is moving to New Jersey. As such this was his last tournament in Buffalo. Secondly we wish to welcome International master Kenneth W. Regan back from Montreal, Quebec where he was the UNDEFEATED CHAMPION, in the Grand Prix Open Section Tournamnet there. The top four rated players were, IM Kenneth W. Regan 2414, NM Lionel L. Davis 2267, newcomer and Torontonian Erwin Casareno, 2252, and NM Barry Davis 2125. This tournament had only one section to encourage others to play against higher rated players. Tying for the U1900 class prize were Harish Srinivasan(1776), Matt Slomski (1800) from the Rochester Chess Center, Ferdinand Supsup(1532) fromToronto, and Riyath Mallahi(1609).

The UPSET Leaders were:Ferdinand Supsup, Toronto (1532)with 849 points, Harish Srinvasan(1776)840 points, Meghesh Pansari, Rochester Chess Center(1606)327 points, Robert P. Simpson(1281)377 pts, Daniel F Johnston, Rochester Chess Center(1485)192 pts, Steve L Baer(1128)178 pts, Joshua P. Dunsworth, Erie PA(1347)35 pts.

We want to say "THANKS" for all the wanted and all that participated in our monthly chess events.

We look forward to a similar format with an ADVANCED ENTRY FEE of $20 or $30 ONSITE for The PULASKI DAY GRAND PRIX on Saturday August 15, 2009, Two Sections - Open Grand Prix and U1500 Game 50, Four Rounds, Swiss. Scholastic will be another RATED BEGINNERS OPEN! Entry fee $5.00. Advance entries deadline is Wednesday, August 12, 2009, please make and mail checks payable to: Archangel 8 Chess Academy, "Pulaski Day", 60F Guilford Lane, Buffalo New York, 14221. Please include your full name, USCF ID Number, Section of play and telephone number. For more information and or questions, please reply to Help us grow the chess events by telling and bringing a friend to our next tournament.


  1. Well, I kept my promise (in the pre-reg thread) to be beatable! Despite my 4-0 score, I had lost positions toward the end of two of my games. Just 1 move each---I was winning both games 2 moves before and 1 move after---but like ol' Tom Watson knows, you gotta take your chance exactly when it comes!

    It was a good turnout and a nice tournament. Ave atque vale Lionel---we need to develop another master here, young'uns take note!

  2. I had a lost position against Lionel in the 2nd round. So I was already lucky to be at 3 on 3 at the end of third round. So asking for 4 on 4 and that too with my last round against IM Regan was being over ambitious, even if theoretically speaking I could have spotted the win.

  3. What does points in the Upset points mean? For example the post says, I had upset pts of 840. I certainly did not win anyone 840 pts above me. So I wonder what that means, performance pts may be ??

    The results are not yet up at uscf. Just checked it.

  4. Harish,

    I imagine in this case it's a cumulative
    total of the points above you that players
    had that you defeated - in your case, a
    total of 840 points.


  5. Registering for August Grand Pirx if this is the right post (hopefully it is!)

    Benjamin Havey
    U.S.C.F. August supplement 1752
    U.S.C.F. no. 13290323
    Open section
    Mr. McDuffie, hopefully you have my telephone no. as I won't post it on the internetz.