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JULY GRAND PRIX Advanced Registration

  1. IM Ken Regan (2414)
  2. NM Lionel Davis (2247)
  3. Erwin Casareno (CFC 2151)
  4. Raymond Dunsworth Erie Pa - 1788
  5. Harish Srinivasan 1765
  6. Riyath Mallahi 1600
  7. Ferdinannd Supsup (CFC 1544)
  8. Erik Lubas 1565
  9. Joshua Dunsworth, 1347
  10. Partho Bhattacharya 1292
  11. Robert Simpson (1281p)
  12. Timothy Pierce 1276
  13. Alexander Regan (544p)
  14. Edward Willet
  15. Vic Bahl 762
  16. Christopher Dunsworth 689
  17. Susan Dunsworth 372

Saturday, July 18, 2009 Main Place Mall, 390 Main Street, Buffalo, NY FREE PARKING UNDER MALL! FOOD COURT OPEN DURING TOURNAMENT!

For those that wish to pay the REDUCED ADVANCE FEE OF $20, on Wednesday evening I will be at The Frank Merriweather Jr Library from 6pm until 8pm, or at Spot Coffee from 9pm until 10pm Wednesday night.CASH ONLY! Remember paid entries are guaranteed advanced entries, all others pay $30 and if late, must take a one half point bye. So please RSVP if you plan to participate and meet me to pay your reduced entry fee. Please include your current USCF ID number and full name.

Thanks for your continued support! Mc Duffie, Chess Ambassador


  1. My son will also play. Hey guys, come join us! By the way, I came in clear 2nd with 4.5-0.5 in an event with 1 GM and 3 other IMs in Quebec, but I'm beatable in Buffalo, so don't let that scare you...

  2. Good to see you back!
    Would like to play and maybe play you, but my son has birthday and I really cannot take part in the tournament. Hopefully next month, but I intend to play in Jackson Memorial next Saturday. Good luck to all.

  3. Hello everyone i"ll be there - MJ! This will be my last tournament in Buffalo its been 25years now ! haha, how time flies when ur having fun! Thanks everyone its been fun,welcome back Kenneth. Peace.

  4. Good to see you'll be playing, Lionel!---but where're you off to? Downstate?

  5. Harish, please add, Erik Lubas 1565, Partho Bhattacharya, Timothy Pierce, Riyath Mallahi 1600, Raymond Dunsworth, Erie Pa - 1788, Joshua Dunsworth, 1347, Christopher Dunsworth 689, Susan Dunsworth 372

  6. Michael,

    I'll be playing as well.

    USCF ID : 13880240


  7. YUP! See yall tommorrow!