Next Tournament

Poll Results

A reasonable number of votes were received (34 in all) and the result is below.
  • Reduce EF to $20 for all tournaments (22 votes)
  • Have U1600 instead in Main Place Mall tournaments replacing previous class section (1 vote)
  • Merge all section to one open section with class prizes U 1800, 1600 and 1400 (9 votes)
  • No change (2 votes)
Majority in favor of reducing the EF to $20 (Votes shown on graph on left). Thanks for voting, will pass on the results to the TDs.


  1. Thanks for the info.

    Hey, where did the the scrolling next tournament reminder go thouh?

  2. I just put it back in, although it does not link to any post. I suppose July 18th is the next, but I do know the details. Shall create a link once there is some information about the tourney.