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Scholastics Grades 3-5:
First Place, UNDEFEATED and perfect score with 4 points was Randall Beach, Pioneer School Chess Club. Second Place went to Austin Kossow, of Pioneer School Chess Club with 3 points, and tied for Third place were Dakaylah Winfield, Martin Luther King Jr School #39, and Ryan Madden, Pioneer School Chess Club. Scholastics Grades 6-8:
First Place went to Partho Bhattacharya, Sweet Home School. Second Place was garnered by Tyler Smith, Pioneer Chess Club, who defeated Morgan Beach (third place)in a Blitz tie breaker game. Canadian player and a former Scholastic section winner, Ricky Mc Arthur, finished fourth. In the Senator Antoine M Thompson Open Section:
We welcomed back some seasoned veteran players and former members of the Inner City Chess Club including Vance Williams (2092), the top rated player and Champion of the tournament. Tied for Third Place was Douglas Dubose (2021). Vince Woodard (1890) also competed.
Chess players from Bemus Point and the Chautauqua area were also well represented. Tied for First but lost on the tie breaker was Mark Clark (2085). Richard Kalfas (1926) tied for third place and Robert C Johnson (1912) also competed.
Scholastic players of note in the open section include fast improving Evan Ashton (1217), a Clarence School student, who also tied for third place and increased his post tournament rating to 1354. Traveling from Rochester, New York and his first time in the Open section was John L Johnson (1271).
We invite you all to come out and join in with your competitive spirits on Saturday, May 12th, 2007 for the Assemblyman Sam Hoyt Chess Challenge on the second floor of the Main Place Mall in downtown Buffalo, NY. Advance entry fee $20 no later than May 8th. Cash at the door $25.00


  1. Hope results will be soon on line. To bad I could not come. It seems it was good tournament.
    See you another time.

  2. I missed it too as I was not in Buffalo. Some very strong players have played. Will make it next time.

  3. Congratulations to all especially to Ashton. 2 wins against much higher opponents. Way to go.

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