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My Marchand Open 2007 by Marijan Procyk

Marchand Open 2007 I was glad I could take part in this tournament. Rochester is a vibrant chess center and I hope we will create something similar in Buffalo one day. At the end, I earned 2 ½ of 4 possible points. I also received a ½ point bye, so my total was 3. Not the result I was looking for, but under the circumstances, it was good tournament for me. = 1 round. Marijan Procyk (2061) - Donald Stubblebine (1845) ½-½ My first game ended in a draw after a hard struggle in which I gave up a pawn and the exchange. My opponent had offered the draw and I accepted, although I would have liked to continue and find out what the verdict in the end might be? = ½ points It was September 14, 1996 when I met over the board ERICH WATKINSON MARCHAND. I won this game, but I liked the variation of the Slav (Noteboom) he played, so I adapted it for myself. Here is the game from that event: = 2 round. Patrick O'Keefe (1859) – Marijan Procyk 0:1 I was able to play one such game using that Noteboom variation, the second one of the tournament, in honor of Dr. Marchand. = 1 ½ points 3 round. GM Alexander Ivanov (2635) – Marijan Procyk 1:0 The highest rated player in this tournament was GM A. Ivanov. Although I was paired against him as black, I felt I was doing ok initially. I thought I was safe going on queenside and playing fast, particularly because he was in time trouble having just 8 more minutes for 12 moves to get to the first time control, but then disaster strikes! Given the rating difference I thought I might lose anyway, but did not think it would be in this way. Normally I would see 19.N:d5. I guess we always learn – not to rush… = 1 ½ points 4 round. I could not play, so - ½ point buy. =2 points 5 round. Marijan Procyk Walter Buehl (1991)
At the end, I decided to go all or nothing in a King's Indian Defense (KID) 4 pawns attack, by sacrificing 2 pawns for an attack. One slip and it would be over for me, but fortunately it turned out in my favor. =3 points I eagerly am waiting for your comments, as these would definitely help me. Thank you.
====================================================== At the end here is an article from GM KENNETH S. ROGOFF, where the name of Dr. Erich Marchand is mentioned. I found it interesting. (Actually I was trying to find a photo of Dr. Marchand, but without a success. Does anybody have his photo?)


  1. Dear Reverend Procyk,
    You were right to take the draw in game 1, because White's pieces are not well co-ordinated to help advance the two passed pawns. That is, I agree with Fritz 10's assessment of a solid edge to Black. I believe that White can hold, but some ideas including the natural 1.Kc5 don't work too well (according to Fritz).

    C Paskhu! ---Ken Regan

  2. C prazdinkom Paskhi, that is! (with help from online dictionary:-)

  3. Actually, I was subject to Bobby Fischer's words, "You're all Russians to me!" :-) Let's adjust that to Ukrainian: Z Velikodnimi svjatami and Khrystos Voskres!

  4. Христос Воскрес!
    Khrystos Voskres!)
    Christ is Risen!
    Thank you Dr. Regan, for your comments.
    I missed the chance to meet you last Saturday. Another time.