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2007 Stella Niagara Scholastic and Quick Open Report

The Third Annual Stella Niagara Scholastic and Quick Open took place on Saturday April 21, 2007 and the ratings report is available at All 40 players had fun! And the following ones won: Beginner: 1st-Jacob Bennett 2nd- Rex Herzberg 3rd- Ryan Palmisano Intermediate: 1st-Cody Hennard 2nd- Aaron Mc Duffie, Neil Kasalra, Tyler Smith, Ryan Madden, Ed Basinski Advanced: 1st-Bob Shao 2nd- Nolan Henrie, Benjamin Havey, Partho Bhattacharya, Alex Mieth Quick Open: 1st-Rev. Marijan Procyk and Tom Warner 3rd- Todd Hennard, David Biddle, Evan Ashton, Michael Mc Duffie Special Awards included: 2007 Sportsmanship award to Ayush Jajoo 2007 Tournament Director Award to Tyler Copeland 2007 Most Courageous to Phillip Laugeman


  1. Michael Mc Duffie - 783?
    If you at least double it. He played today as completly different person. How did you do that, Michael?

    and congrats Tom. You played well!

    as for Ashton - you have to be more careful, but it was a good result. One way - UP.


  2. Great Tournament Stella Niagara! Super tournament hall. Dr Mieth organized another A-1 chess event!! All of the students were serious chess players with excellent attitudes. The Quick section was interesting and exciting.

  3. My pleasure to do it!

    Thanks to all who came and also to all those that helped out.

    See you next year!

  4. I thought I will lose points... I gained 1... (same as DAVID M BIDDLE)... 119 tournaments like this one and I can become a master in quick.

    Congratulations to the following:
    153 pounts - MICHAEL A MC DUFFIE
    038 points - THOMAS A WARNER
    032 points - EVAN ASHTON

    Tournament was very well organized. Thank you Mark aka "chessdoctor"!

    When is the next tournament?

  5. Yes it was a nice tournament. Nice to see a lot of enthusiastic players. Although I did very badly, there is a lot of learning I did.