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Free April Results

USCF Results link for Free April:
There were a total of 18 players in the Free April Event at UB this Saturday.
Highlights included:
1. an appearance by IM KENNETH W REGAN. He has a lot of interesting ideas and work regarding the use of computer models to determine if a player is cheating by playing computer moves. See March's Chess Life on page 20 and also on his website at
2. REV. MARIJAN PROCYK winning the Rated section despite missing the first 2 of 5 games!
3. Harsh Chandolia's perfect performance in the unrated section and thereby winning the one year membership into the USCF.
4. A new chess doctor? DR. JOHN A FABIAN returned to tournament chess after a long abscence and performed well despite the relatively quick time control of Game/30. Look out if he is sitting across from you in a longer game!
5. The introduction of Mr. Jason Oliphant who drove through the lake effect snows all the way from Northern Pennslyvania to Buffalo to participate in his first over the board event!
6. The top two upsets of 570 and 579 rating points went to the UB students FRANCIS M BUENNAGEL and JONATHAN D KESSLER respectively.


  1. Same day results in USCF. Mark, there can be no one faster than you. Thanks for another great tournament.

    link for results

  2. Your welcome. It is my pleasure to do so.

    Now, if we could only convince some others to become club tournament directors too.

  3. Yes Mark, let me know the details. I am willing and and few months later my wife also will be willing for the same. I was hesitant earlier, as I thought I have been active in tournament play only for a year now and may need a little more experience.

  4. Thank you, Mark, for running these tournaments. I played to risky in 1 game, to fast at some point in another, but I guess I was lucky.
    As for club tournament director - do something about my previous inactivity...

  5. Hello everyone---it was great seeing you, and I hope to get in some real chess.

    Did you catch yesterday's NY Times column? Guess what I'm doing, again... I may have some results on Smirin-Varshavsky posted by Wednesday.

    What did I say about "insanely" busy? But do remember, my college motto was "there's always room for one more" (a reference to the "Hilbert Hotel" for infinite sets in math, but I mean people or activities).

    Special greeting to Rev. Procyk, whom I was also hoping to catch, though the most immediate purpose got taken care of.