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Third Annual Stella NIagara Scholastic and Quick Open

Reminder that this Saturday April 21st the Third Annual Stella Niagara Scholastic and Quick Open will be taking place. There will be three scholastic sections and a forth section for adults and very advanced junior players. Cost is only $10 and includes lunch. More info on the event is available at:
So come on out to support local chess either as a competitor, spectator, or to assist me in running the event.
If you are able to do any of those activities, please comment below.


  1. I will be there, but will I play - not sure. Have service at 4:30 and need to be home by 4:10 or so.

    Will you post about Main Place Mall...


  2. Marijan,
    I'll put you down for a fourth round bye then.

    I do not know who won the Open section of yesterday's AQE Sherman Thomas Memorial at the Main Place Mall. The deciding match between Mark Clark(2082) and Vance Williams (2092) had not concluded. I believe the third place, possibly second, went to Douglas Dubose (2021) although Richard Kalfas (1962) and Robert Johnson (1912) may also have been in contention. The underclass prize likely went to Yakun Hu(1006) who had scored an 884 point upset!

    Perhaps our chess ambassador, Mr. Mc Duffie, will post the results and send in the ratings report soon.

  3. JD plans to be at Stella with players Rael and Molly. Will also be running taxi to birthday party... hope i can participate in quick (some or all games).

  4. chess a Stella Niagara is great, and so is the macaroni and cheese!

  5. What is time control for the adult open section? Is it quick rated ONLY or both? - Roy

  6. Sorry- I see my question is answered on the link you provided. I will be there.