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Marchand again

Winners at Marchand 2007 from this area: Roy Hamann (4/5) was 2nd in the Under 1800 section and John Dolan and Mark Mieth finished in the three way tie(4/5) for 2nd in the Under 1400. Well I could add one more 2nd, because I received info from Ron with check enclosed that there was 3-way tie for 2nd place in the open section U2200. At least it paid my entree fee this time. When will we start to be 1st?
Dr. Erich W. Marchand, a mathematician. Dr. Marchand had a column in Chess Life, had been President of CCLA, a tournament organizer, officer in USCF, President of the Rochester Chess Club, many times city and state champion and the most active player in America.
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  1. Thank you. Waiting to see who won at Main Place Mall today.