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One more about the Marchand

Ah, it looks like I'm the last one to comment on the Marchand. Always a fun tourney, especially when you have positive results. Looks like we all fared pretty well, all had plus scores. I haven't placed in several years-it was good to get that monkey off my back. A last round win (instead of draw) would've given me clear 1st. But it was even game, and I have alot of respect for my opponent's end game. I've known him for 20 years, and seen him many times go into even end games and turn them into wins. So I accept his draw offer, and take the sure thing (2nd place). Here is a link to my 4th round game. It was very interesting how quickly the tide turned in my favor after my inspired 17th move. p.s. love your entry, jd


  1. Roy, was last move 31.Qc4? If so how it could be a draw? You said your opponent offered a draw. In order to do that he had to make a move. What I see here you are winning without much effort. Let us see.
    I. 31…Kb7 32.Rd7+ winning the queen.
    II. 31…Ka5 32.Rd5+ and mate next or winning the queen.
    IIIa 31…b5 32.Qc6 Ka6 33.Rd7! Qf6 34.R:a7 Kb4 35.Qd6 Kc4 36.Rc7 mate.
    IIIb 31…b5 32.Qc6 Ka6 33.Rd7 Qg5 (or anywhere else) 34.R:a7 Kb4 35.Qc3 mate.
    Certainly taking R by Q is hopeless.
    Wonder what you were afraid of, because it seems that you just gave away first prize and some rating points to your friend. I guess Easter gift. Can you be that nice to me too, if I come into trouble in some tournament in our game?

  2. Sorry, Roy, I misunderstood. When I published it I realize it is a different game. Nice one.
    P.s. Why not publish last game, too.

  3. Marijan - Yes, sorry to create confusion. That was my 4th round win, probably my best game of the tourny. Also, 3rd round win was very nice game. I can show you my last round draw at chess club wed. night. If you aren't there, I will post it. Maybe I will post several anyway, for all to see. Maybe Dr. Mark can "Fritz" them for me and see what it thinks. -Roy

  4. ! Moves 13 and 17 are incredible! The entire game is superb. JD

  5. Congrats on the good finish! Mike (your game 1 opponent)