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The Top Ten scheduled to appear in the 1st Annual Mayor's Cup this weekend

National Master Lionel Davis
The following is the list of the top 10 players who are scheduled to appear in this weekend's ultimate battle of the minds with the chance to be crowned as Buffalo's official chess champion.
1. NM Lionel Davis (2271) Buffalo, NY
2. NM Bem Tyehimba (2245) New York City, NY
3. NM Barry Davis (2155) Buffalo, NY
4. Vance Williams (2100) Buffalo, NY
5. NM Eddie Mark (2096) Miami, FL
6. Mark Clark (2085) Jamestown, NY
7. Rev. Marijan Procyck (2074) Buffalo, NY
8. Douglas Dubose (2014) Buffalo, NY
9. David "Pawn Master" Mc Duffie (1880) Baltimore, MD
10. Vince Woodard (1868) Buffalo, NY
The 1st Annual Mayor's Cup Chess Championships will be held this Saturday, June 9th and Sunday, June 10th, 2007, at Buffalo State College's Student Union on 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY. It will be 5 Rounds, Swiss Format, Game 90, with 10 Enhanced Grand Prix Points at stake. See the prior posting for more information about this most excellent event.


  1. To quote Darth Vader:


  2. should be interesting
    - not sure if im gonna play, but if i do it will be the open


  3. nice line up!! banther fodder it is
    yoda paraphrase

  4. Did anyone see that "the chess ambassador" was able to get further publicity for this event on GM Susan Polgar's blogspot?


  5. Very impressive field!

    Is anyone going to Wegmans tomorrow night to play? Maybe a little tune-up for those of you playing in the tournament this weekend?

    If anyone's going, I'll go at like 10 PM.

    - Peter

  6. Wegmans... yes, players will be meeting there tonight, Wed. 6:30p, Military Rd, Niagara Falls, USA

  7. I will not be there - sorry to sday... Out of town Saturday.

  8. Personal circumstances would have kept me from playing in any case. I look forward to such events in the future...