Next Tournament

Mayor's Presentation in City Hall

The presence of all section champions from
the recent Mayor's Cup is requested:
Eddie Mark III, Open section winner
Thomas A. Warner, Under 1800 winner
Evan Ashton, Under 1400 winner
and Aaron J Mc Duffie, Under 1000 winner.
You are hereby summoned to the 2nd floor, City Hall, Mayor Byron W Brown's office on Wednesday, June 27, 2007 at 4pm.
During this ceremony, you will be presented with an official Mayor's Citation for your acheivement, a golden Buffalo pin, and a photo taken with his honor and your trophy.
Also invited are the 2nd place finishers and the special award winners: Douglas Dubose, Mark Clark, Yakun Hu, Glenn Westcott, Ryan Madden, Amanda Chinn (Susan Polgar Top Female Award), Jessica Collins (Youngest player) and Bob Shao (Fran & Horace Mc Duffie's "Top Scholastic player Award"). Your outstanding accomplishments will also be noted by the mayor and a citation will be awarded.
Students from Roy B Kelley(Lockport NY), and 66th Street School Chess Knights will witness these events as they can dream of one day standing with the mayor themself.

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  1. Congrats to all again.

    I look forward to seeing the pictures with his honor.

    Please post them on the website.