Next Tournament


Came to Wegmans around 9:00 PM and nobody was there. Wonder did anybody come eartlier. Since nobody was there at that time I went to Borders (across from Galeria Mall) and played there some games and watched some. So if somene is from Cheektowaga or Buffalo, and wants to play some chess, there is possibility to play at Borders, at least Saturday night. Come and see and play some games. Might be a masterpiece. Marijan


  1. Sorry I could not be at Wegmans last night, but I did let those present there Wednesday know I would not be there yesterday.

    I think we should once again have a "sign-up" posting on the blog. If I forget to do so, could someone else put it up each week?

    By the way, I will not be there this Wednesday either as I am out of town on business.

    By the way, how many were at Borders? and how was their strength?

  2. 4 of us and they could compete with us at Wegmans.
    I will probably not be next Saturday.

  3. I might not be able to make it to another meeting until late August...I hope to stay active on this blog and take part in some tournaments though....the night times don't work for me right now with class and work.